When I was a boy, Quick      said the bird

The long and narrow road
goes through Deep valley
to a white house on the shore

Go go go,        said the bird
Pass the gate,    take care,
The path is Bluebells to the door

You're in bed, bent and broken,
I am still,     no word is spoken
Music, with a singing fills the air

I would say it was untrue
Such beauty could exist

And there was no way
What that beauty is

Oh, Sweet of sweet, don't blink
The sea is just a drop to drink

Source of bliss, getting burnt
In a gust the dust and ashes rise


The remains
i think

Desire in Your stream
Wild-weed in spring, nothing more

There was a
confirmation day in May
A girl with daffodils

Thin and black
Old men in woolen suits
along the narrow road

Then left at Bay of Whales,
the sea is wide

So it's meant
To be
found my Love

It's upon a string
Eternal moment lingering

Each grain and glimpse
that was out of reach

No start or end,
or passing by

is the clear blue sky